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Noun. A universal paradigm of adolescent education. The Lynchian teacher is very strong in his or her opinions and expects students to agree with him or her. If in a classroom setting, grades are usually based on subjectively-graded papers. Papers are reflective of (1) how much the subject material agrees with the teacher's personal views, and (2) the worth of the student in the teacher's eyes. Usually, this results in students getting a single grade on every paper regardless of content.

No curves are instituted in a Lynchian classroom. 100% is restricted to the student the instructor feels "deserves" it the most. Despite these flaws, Lynchian educators are usually looked up to by fellow academics as models of "awesomeness" or "tradition."
Mr. Salmonelli is a good guy, but his commitment to Lynchian education worries many students.
by ZZZtofjd October 24, 2010
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