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A woman involved in a relationship with someone who's occupation requires them to be out of town for periods of time or lives a distance away, but has sex with others as soon as he leaves town.
Lucy; “Your girlfriend left the bar last night and went to a hotel with a grease-ball.”
Charles; "But she promised me when it came to sex she's like a camel!”
Lucy; “Wow! What a lying camel!”
by EBGB September 26, 2011
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A woman involved in a long distance relationship or relationship where the others job requires being away out of town for weeks or months, (ie; armed forces, sales person, executive, etc.) and says she can go without sexual relations for long periods of time, but lies and is unfaithful during that period.
Him: "Wait for me? - Her: "Baby when it comes to sex I'm like a camel. I can go a long time without it."

She said she would wait for me, but that lying camel messed around on me and got pregnant.

I left for a couple weeks and found out the lying camel cheated on me while I was away.
by super826 June 13, 2011
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