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Lydianna is a hot russian girl, that acts like she is too cool for school, when in reality she gets straight A's. Even though she knows where her place as a woman is, she is very intense and can break a fellows heart with her brutal honesty. She usually hangs out with her sidekick Mary and is very athletic and picks on sissy boys for entertainment. Beneath her rough exterior, somewhere deep inside there is an emotionally delinquent little girl crying inside. She also has unique features, such as her love for dressing as a man, and eating a lot.
Girl with many male features: Lydianna

Person 1: Hey, who's all coming to your party tonight?
Person 2: Well theres, Joe, Mark, and Lydianna.
Person 1: Oh no, Lydianna is going to beat me up!
by The Great M May 16, 2010
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