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Luz Valdenebro aka LiliWoo is a Spanish Goddess who works as an actress as a part-time job.

Her name means 'Light' becuz she's bright and shiny af. 'Light' saw the light of the day on March 11th 1975, Cordoba,Andalucia (but,if Doña Dolfina asks, it was in Toledo).

Although she has starred in a number of theater plays,films and tv shows, she drew lesbian fangirls' attention by playing a Cinnamon roll too good too pure for this world - Aurora Alarcon in ''Seis Hermanas''. Since then she's become known as an avid Aurelier and is a licensed Captain of the Aurelia ship together with her fellow co-star Candela Serrat.

Special skills include:

-eye sex with co-stars: you can actually feel being impregnated by her look

-hand porn with female co-stars: ovaries exploded
-hair porn: perfect ,even if she shaves her head and becomes Luz BALDenebro
-eyebrow game: too strong
-smile: cures everything
-sound of her voice: a unicorn jumping over a rainbow shitting glitter while Nutella flows below
-AndaLuz accent: sexy and she knows it
-interaction with fans: too good to be true, is
-exists: RIP ovaries

Famous quote:''Yo necesito dejar el camerino impoluto y recogido antes de ir.''
Loose translation: Our bae is ocd af.

If you notice that your tetas no son calmas whenever Luz posts something on Instagram
or Twitter, you can definitely consider yourself a proud LuzTrash or ValdenebrHOE (completely unofficial fangirl names I made up,cuz I'm trash).
fam: what's your sexual orientation?
me: Luz Valdenebro . I'm LuzValdenebrosexual.
by LuzTrash January 10, 2017
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