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The Luthersphere is the upper echelon of society and fiscal ability. Its not so much a physical place is it more about a state of living - though should you happen to live in Texas, and acquire goods, monetary sums, perhaps even discounted or free services from this dumpster; this would be an indication of you have transcended mortal man and risen to the Luthersphere.

Please note, that while similar to the Zeiensphere - its not quite on the same level. It could be considered a peer in some situations, but the tastes in objects, and life style tend to differ from the Zeiensphere.
"Man, I keep getting all this free shit and awesome Plasma TVs, I won't take a single picture of any of this shit. Why? I don't have to, I'm living in the Luthersphere."


"The Luthersphere is beyond your reach, friend. We just live in two different financial environment's ."
by Henzorator January 23, 2009
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