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When a girl or woman, typically intoxicated, strategically stores her things in a man's room during a party or get-together with intentions of coercing him into letting her stay the night. This strategy should not be confused with the idea of a girl simply placing her belongings in the said gentleman's room to be picked up later. She purposefully places her things in niches of the room that portray her "belonging" in that environment, and may include hiding certain items so that she and the said gentleman can look for that item together, initiating a pseudo-bonding experience that may allow her more time to convince him into making decisions he will likely regret in the morning. Accompanying this act may include leaving an item in the room after departing in the morning or early afternoon, such as a key or cell phone, forcing the man to let the woman back into his quarters. She usually does this in desperation of initiating some sort of long term relationship now that she has her "foot in the door" so to speak.
Lush Nesting

Joe: Amanda was knocking on Bill's door until 5 AM last night again. She Lush Nested the place earlier last night so she would have an excuse to get on him.

Phil: Again?

Joe: Yeah, and of course, it worked like it always does. I heard them banging until 7. God, I can't wait to give him shit when he wakes up.

Phil: ......Maybe we should take it easy on him.

Joe: Why the hell would we do that?

Phil: Because Jesse did that to me last night, and she is still in my room.

Joe:....simply amazing.
by College of Woo Community January 25, 2009
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