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Lupinar is a 2D chat-site a part of the large group of chat-sites called Chatwitch. Although less popular than Wolfhome, it's noob population is far less as well. With great admins, good pose sets, and amazing people, it's on top of many people's chat-site lists. Occasional noob tribes are found, but are generally gotten rid of soon enough.

Also known as kryptonite to WolfHome users.
WolfHome N00b: will u b my mate

Working-Minded Lupinar User: Not with a pren-up and 1,000 condoms. *Goes back to Lupinar*
by LupinarRevenge March 29, 2013
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Lupinar is a online 2D chatsite. You use poses such as sabers, cats, dogs, and mice. Lupinar has many undiagnosed bugs, and OK admins. Lupinar has lots of small talk, and is heaven for noobs. But unlike wolfhome , Lupinar has a age limit of 13+.
Person 1: Wanna go on Lupinar?
Person 2: What the hell is that?
Person 1: A online chatsite
Person 2: Uhh......
by Lupinar User March 26, 2013
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