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Lunksweft: "that most magical of herbs". It gives the feeling of being 'chilled', as dope does, whilst giving the other forms of 'recreation' that drugs such as herion, cocain, crack, speed and ecstasy do. Adding to that, it also gives the hallucinagenic properties that LSD and magic mushrooms present to the user. It looks similar to a plain garden weed, which is why it not been discovered until very recently. It can be chopped up and put in a salad, a very safe way to take it as the police wont think to look in your chicken caesar! It can be smoked, like skunk, or it can be ground down to fine pieces, and dissolved into sugary water, which can then be drank, or inserted to a needle and injected into the bloodstream. The police have not discovered this drug yet, but as soon as they do, it will be in a class of its own, so get as much as you can while its still available. To put it plainly, it is the ultimate drug.
"Woahh! There's pink elephants in my cornflakes! Dude! It must be that Lunksweft i took!"

"Yo, roll me a joint of Lunksweft!"
by Matti G February 05, 2007
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