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Accomplishing a Lumpy Peanut Butter is no walk in the park. Many have failed resulting in massive injury. The first step in completing this amazing feat requires courage. First, the male (or shemale) will stick is entire scrotum into an inhabitted wasps nest and rapidly shake and thrash about as if the person was having a seizure. Next, the person will submerge their now lumpy sack into a jar of skippies peanut butter. Finally, the person will hang closely infront of a pack of starving wolves and wave their now perfectly prepaired testicles in a taunting manner. They will ultimately be torn to shreds resulting in the greatest high of all time, otherwise known a s a super high.
Andy- Hey man i just did a Lumpy Peanut Butter!
Josh- Wow really?! How was it?
by ABurrgess January 04, 2013
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