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Lucy Heartfillia is one of the main characters in the anime Fairy Tail. She is a Celestial Mage, who uses the spirits of the Twelve Zodiac Gates (gold keys), and lesser spirits with a larger range if different skills (silver keys). Lucy starts off the show with three of the twelve golden keys. The spirits are already much stronger than she, but their abilities are also limited by her amount of magic power. The more her amount of power grows, the stronger her spirits become. As the show progresses she learns how to force gates closed (send her spirits back to the spirit world without their consent), and summon two spirits at once. Both of those skills are skills that are very rare among Celestial Mages, meaning that she is much more powerful than the show lets on. Lucy is also an author who is working on her novel throughout the series. She is also incredibly smart. Lucy joins the Fairy Tail guild in the first episode thanks to her new friend Natsu Dragneel. They instantly become best friends, and they put an immense amount of trust in one another. Lucy loves the guild, her spirits, and her friends more than anything else in the world, and she goes to great lengths to protect them.
Lucy Heartfilia is basically the main source of fan-service in Fairy Tail. She has huge breasts, and is a bit full of herself in the beginning.
by Farffenougen December 14, 2014
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