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First, have some bitch give you a dirty blow job, mouthin all over your feces-encrusted hairy rooster. Now listen to the next part carefully because it is done through precision timing, hours of practice, and a dirty one legged mexican named antonio. You yank your one eyed gorilla out of that whore's mouth right before you feel dessert is about to be served, and take a lighter to the semen shooting out of your sparkling beam, lighting the juice on fire midair. While the raining meteors clunk on the hooker's face, calmly look into that crack-head's eyes and whisper "you're a wizard, harry." Conclude this lovely session by soaking your hand in Bengay and fist the bitch's pussy, clawing at the walls of her genitalia.
After she lapped on my balls, i decided to perform Lucifer's pleasantries on her.
by Surprise_Its_Your_Mom_69 January 20, 2009
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A made up sexual act for those of you retarded enough to click on every fucking link of a term on this website that you do not know the meaning of. (Read first definition)
I hope you had a good laugh, because after reading that stupid shit about Lucifer's pleasantries, you are now scarred for life.
by ThisAssHole October 26, 2009
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