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1.An amazing woman.
2.Someone who possesses inner and outer beauty, kindness, strength, a strong will, and stays true to her friends.
3.A woman who is sometimes impulsive or at times doesn't make the best decisions, but who's good character makes up for it.
4.A chick who's got wicked style.
All my friends suck.
You need a Lucette!

Mom: Is that a tattoo on your face!?!
Kid: Yeah. Sorry, I know you didn't want me to get it... But I still got the volunteer job at the old age home.
Mom: You're such a Lucette. I love you!

Looks like you're trying to pull off a lucette with that new haircut.
by Vancitychick May 03, 2013
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A talented, and kind friend who can sometimes have a hot temper. Lucette can be slightly selfish, but on her positive side she is always there for you when you are sad, and is very beautiful and smart. Lucette is passionate for things she enjoys and will stop at nothing to perfect them.
Lucette is a kind friend.
by AddictedFangirl May 23, 2016
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