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Ltress- Noun- A person

1)Ltress:A girl/woman with very, very, very long flowing hair.
It looks like a curtain almost, they are the competitors in China's Floor Long Hair competitions...

They work hard on growing they're hair, and it takes years, and scheduling on Crescent or Full Moon eye lash hair trims every 2-6 weeks.

2) Ltress: a sexy woman who controls men with her sexy long luscious hair!

3) Ltress: a Luscious Mistress who dominates men by smacking them with her 10 pound 4 meter long hair.
1) "The Ltress awaits 2-6 weeks for the Full moon to cut her hair again."

2)"That beautiful Ltress gets everything from me even when I'm mad at her."

3) "That damn Ltress just smack me with her hair... CALL AN AMBULANCE!"
by mrssexkitten July 20, 2010
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