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The most powerful and amazing v8 ever produced until the Ls1. Known for absolutley humiliating 4.6 and earlier 5.0 mustang GT's its at the top of its class. The Lt1 was was made for the Trans am, corvette C4, AND CAMARO Z28..ohh and as far as imports go, they wish they were packing an Lt1
WOW look at that RICY piece of trash. I could start off in 3rd gear and shift straight to 6th and beat that heap in my Lt1.
by ty trans AM October 05, 2007
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LT1: LT1 engine was General motors Main High Performance Engine introduced in 1992 in the (C4 Corvette)and most known for being 1993-1997 Camaro Z28,(Camaro SS only in '96,'97) the pontiac Firebird/Trans Am '93'97. its a 5.7 Liter 350 Cubic Inch Engine its an Iron Block with Aluminum heads Fuel Injected stock) it had horsepower & Torque Ratings from (275hp/325tq '93-'97 Corvette C4,Z28,Firebird/Trans Am) (285hp/335tq '97 Z28,Firebird/Trans Am) (325hp/335tq '96,'97 Camaro SS) known for absolutely dominating every other race car/sports car throught the 1990's the cars that were absolutely raped by the (LT1 equipped Corvette C4's,Z28's,Firebird/Trans Am's) were these cars the mustang gt 5.0's,4.6's,( espescially 1986-1997 Cobra mustangs which are supercharged even but thats a ford for you just can't even come close to a Z28)those shitty 4-cylinder riced out honda civics,subaru's,evo's,mitsubishi's and all the other wanna be fast 4-cylinder riced out piece of shits.
Hey that bone stock LT1 Z28 just raped that mustang cobra!!!!!

hey look at that pretty little riced out civic its gonna take atleast $50,000 to get it close to a LT1 Z28 speed

That LT1 Z28 just passed 170mph damm its stock too!!!!!
by FERRARI ENZO May 09, 2008
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8 cylinder,fuel injected engine manufactured by Chevrolet. Engine found in 1993 to 1997 F-Body's. Placing 320HP at the rear wheels.
Nice LT1 in that camaro
by rocko June 07, 2004
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