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One of the most renowned high schools in all of California. One who attends this magnificent school of hierarchy is, but not limited to; a stud, baller, money maker, genius, or any other positively denoted expression/saying. As with any prodigious school that exists, it is agitated and belittled by schools with not nearly as much dexterity. St. Francis in particular is compared to Loyola as, if not, the greatest single sex school in California, which in return is most bothersome. As many of you know, St. Francis did indeed defeat Loyola in football a few years ago; As you also may know, Loyola was mutilating St. Francis in football for roughly 30 years. Yes St. Francis, you did prevail over us, however this should not result in getting a broner and jizzing profusely all over your La Canada terrain with your gaunt FSHA girls. Certainly, this one definition cannot and will not contain everything that is abundant to this vast academic and athletic institution.
Loyola High School, Los Angeles in 2011 was ranked #1 in athletics for an all boys school in the nation by ESPN Rise.

Singlehandedly, Loyola’s cross country team has been ranked in the nation for the past 13 years. (As of 2011)
by jomama217 July 30, 2011
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