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Lower Mitcham is a suburb of Adelaide, in the local government area of Mitcham. To the North it is bounded by Grange Rd, to the East by Belair Rd, to the South by Murray St and to the West by a line running from Murray St along View St and continuing North to Grange Rd.

There is only one institution in the suburb, the former Mitcham Primary School, which is now a Community Centre. There may be one surviving shop, on Murray St, there is a Guild Hall on Wattle St, and there is the Mitcham Railway Station. There is a small sports (tennis) centre on Mitcham Ave. All other buildings in the suburb are residences. Many of the homes were built in the 1920s in a style known locally as "California Bungalows".
Hey man whats the best area in the city of Mitcham ?

Lower Mitcham man its In between the graffiti filled ally ways of Colonel Light Gardens and the mitcham shopping center so you get the best of all the suburbs and its close to the train station.
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