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A girl, 18-25 residing in Lowell, MA that: wears hoop earings; is latina (or is not but seems like it--e.g., white with decent tan, etc.); generally sleeps around a lot; overly flirty; with caked-on make-up and exaggerated gum chewing. Lip-gloss is another huge one, perhaps even the second most important next to the trademark hoop earings. Another thing to make of note of the Lowell Slut is the fact that while they might be about average looking, the accessories (e.g., make-up, trashy clothing) counter this fact and the sluttiness of the Lowell Slut is generally a turn-on for most.
Woah, look at that Lowell Slut at the front desk of the Y. The hoop earings are a total giveaway.
by fredvaughn June 13, 2007
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