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Verb. - 2 Definitions...

1 - To be under the influence of marijuana.

2 - The physical effect of marijuana on the eyelids.

1 - After you have smoked pot, especially a copious amount, and you are getting physically tired, but are still mentally stimulated, you will usually shuffle around with possibly blood-shot eyes wanting to make food, watch a movie, play an instrument and listen to music all at once....and the thought of this makes you want to chuckle for no reason...

This is the state of being "Low-Eyed"....basically a synonym for being pretty fucking stoned...

2 - When you have smoked marijuana, especially a copious amount, and your eye-lids feel heavy and comfortably rest at least half way closed. Being tired and/or in a super relaxed state in combination with the marijuana can also aid in the lowering of the eyelids.

This is known as literally being "Low-Eyed"

One dose not necessarily need to have eyelids that are halfway, or more, closed to be called "Low-Eyed" as long as they are under the influence of marijuana, because both definitions of "Low-Eyed" refer to being stoned off your ass and any stoner knows that ones eyes get lower once stoned, especially when stoned with good shit, thus the point is sure to get across either way.

P.S. - Led Zeppelin is the fucking best, sober or stoned, so go listen to all their music!
Definition 1 -

"Duuude man..have you seen Steve? He's
rocking out to Physical Graffiti on his I-Pod Mini in my den with the lights off staring at my lava lamp eating a bag of fun sized snickers...he's fuckin' low-eyed like crazy!"

Definition 2 -

"Hahaha man can come with us 7-11 if you want, but I'm tellin' you, those eye drops aren't gonna help for shit....anyone who makes eye-contact with you is gonna know your're fuckin' mega low-eyed bro!"
by Dr. Regis Jaffar Del Brown PhD February 06, 2010
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