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A person that has an extreme longing for love. That person strives to make people smile, to be happy, to feel loved.
Garth - "It's not like I'm selling sex to everyone, i just want to share Love"
Kegan - "You're a Lovewhore!"
by Estatess June 06, 2009
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A clever word coined by my teacher to describe how boys tease with love to get sex and how girls tease with sex to get love.
Most teenage boys are love-whores.
In fact, almost all males are love-whores to some extent.
by Celeste_ September 26, 2006
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After sex, Someone that falls in love with absolutly every boy/girl and thinks each and every time their going to get married.
Joe: "Man, Jenny's being all needy and cuddly and obsesive and Ive only known her for a week.

Jim: "Dude, shes a love whore. Your screwed."
by Greg Dean February 06, 2007
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An individual who sell's Hug's,Compliment's & Smile's.
Random Girl #1-"check it..A Love Whore!"
*Points at Man holding sign "Hugs for sell"*
Random #2 "Let's Buy ONE!"
by Dustifer October 14, 2010
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