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The part that people who spout "Haters gonna hate" forget about. As a response to any criticism (valid or otherwise) to a TV show, movie, novel, comic book, CD, or any media with a devoted following, "Haters gonna hate" does as much to advance the discussion as "I don't recall" did for BP CEO Tony Hayward's testimony before Congress. "Lovers gonna love" is the only proper response to this discussion-terminating cliche, because it emphasizes how loving something unconditionally and uncritically is as bad as hating something without reason.
"I take umbrage with Superman's killing of Zod in Man of Steel. There could have been something more clever than killing that the writers could have come up with. Of course, now they have a controversy that will drive sales upward, but I gotta say, I was disappointed."

"Haters gonna hate. MoS was the awesome!"

"Lovers gonna love."
by StSeanoftheKnife June 21, 2013
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