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A young woman who is easy to fall in love with because of her beauty and intelligence. A charming lady.
William has not stopped talking about Daun since they met at the soiree yesterday, she must be quite the lovelyn
by Verlos June 02, 2015
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No matter how well you may know her, she'll never cease to shock and surprise you. She has a crazy, explosive, and still profoundly beautiful thought process. Her mind is complex, and she's deep. I refer you to the conclusion that she's a painting, a work of art. Because despite the precious way she looks at the world, the pain is always there, evident to those who take care to appreciate her. For her adorable mess of curly hair, and cute nose. Full gentle lips and big gorgeous eyes. The luckiest man in the world will be the one that gets to spend his life listening and holding dear to his heart, the beating of hers sweetly in her chest. She's worth the moving of mountains, and crawling through deserts to win over. Because you'll not find a more caring and adoring soul anywhere. She's artistic, passionate, intelligent, precious, and truly a melancholy shade of beautiful that can bring color to the trees and stars. She'll make you want to travel the Earth just to see how she'll interpret every sensational sight, sound, and feel of the daring or not so daring unknown. No one could hold a candle to this girl, match or meet her potential, she's just to unique to replace. She loves Fall Out Boy, and being out in the rain. Touching her feet will get you punched in the face. But it's worth it for a brush of her lips on your cheek for the most amazing sort of apology. No one should have to go without realizing who, Lovelyn is.

Also a verb for most perfectest person ever.
1. Bro bro, who are you trying to kid, your girl is no, Lovelyn.

2. I aspire after you, Lovelyn.

3. I love you unconditionally, always and forever like I promised. (This is misplaced but it had to be said)

4. I went to see Fall Out Boy for the first time, but all I could do was watch Lovelyn be stoked on life.
by WhatdoIevenputhere January 01, 2014
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The feeling of being connected at the soul on a mutual subconscious level where great co-dependency exists. To love someone in a familial mannerism while without the actual blood connection while retaining a feeling that this love should be a sacred form of love that is ineffable. While sexual attraction is felt, the feeling would survive on a Platonic basis. Unlike love or lust, lovelyn is considered much more sacred, and indulges the emotional and physical flaws along with the emotional and physical attributes as being beneficial to strengthening the tie and co-dependency of both parties involved. Lovelyn is also different from love because it requires that both parties feel the emotion in order for it to exist. Without the mutual co-dependency lovelyn cannot exist. A state of lovelyn must be entered subconsciously and cannot be changed by logic or reason. Religious terminology would allow us to explain this connection as a mutual connection of the soul. Psychologically lovelyn can be very destructive to one or both of the mental parties engaged into it if one is lost from the other.
I know Jay and Eve are in a state of complete lovelyn because they simply cannot live without one another.
by jayinnewark November 15, 2008
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Lovelyn and Jayme engage in sexual pleasures. Lovelyn loves it
by Jayme January 15, 2004
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