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A name given to a woman you've met publically and then privately, but restricted to the internet's domain. In the ever-expanding information age, cyber-love is often cultivated via public expression (via message boards, dating sites or the like), yet most always ends in epic failure. A LoveDie is an exceptional candidate which still grasps ones attention through a cyber-aging process, contesting one's foolish attidude concerning the combining of emotion and internet with the fact that such a candidate could be a de facto Miss America. The one that keeps you believing...
"Yes, I have to leave before last call, since I need to say goodnight to my LoveDie. Remember, different time zones..."

"I met my LoveDie, and she ended up being a 500lb man."

"I met my LoveDie, and we've been married for 4 amazing years!"
by Love4Die July 06, 2009
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