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The saucy princess of the R&S section of Yahoo answers. She has won the hearts of hundreds, and headed the very selective Royalty Clique. High priestess of Norrisism, and a proud member of the LDS faith. Known for her sweet nature, public crushes, and Chuck Norris. Recently, however, due to being stalked and persecuted for her beliefs, she was recently banished indefinitely from the section she brought so much joy to.In honor of their beloved princess, the remaining Royalty Clique members (Princess Catti-Brie VT, Prince Drizzt, Going Postal, Pinay and Peter Priesthood) have nominated her for R&S sainthood. She is now referred to by her friends as St. Love yahoo!!! wannabe a princess. She will be forever remembered, and her friends eagerly await her return from the dead.
Why would anyone stalk Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a princess? That's like trying to shank the Easter Bunny.
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 28, 2007
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