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Ejaculatory fluid. Can be male or female. Works amazingly as an ingredient for baking cookies.
Anna: How are you're cookies, Okuma-kun?
You see... I, umm...
I enriched your cookies with the flavor of "love."

Kajou: Uh... Anna?

Anna: I made a discovery.
When my feelings of love for Okuma-kun reach their peak, the feelings deep within my body turn to liquid and flow out!
I have named this discharge: "Love Nectar"!
I would be honored, Okuma-kun, if you would partake of it!
Your cookies... have my Love Nectar mixed into the dough!

Okuma: -screams-
by tickle ur pickle October 18, 2015
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cum, sperm, man juice, i could go on
Man this girl really loved my love nectar so she sucked me dry
by Manny February 22, 2004
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