A fictional radio station corporation featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. Most likely a parody of a real radio corporation like Clear Channel, and such.
"You're listening to HEAD radio. Owned by Love Media. Making sure every radio station in America sounds EXACTLY the same!" Mike Hunt, DJ, Grand Theft Auto III
by Charmouche March 13, 2017
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An updated version for puppy love. When you fall in love with someone's profile, chats and posts but you've never actually met them in person.
Chad: I wish that Julia wouldn't like so many guys pics cause she knows I love her and she loves me too!
Brad: Dude, you've never met her in person! You're too deep in social media love to think clearly.
by Storypoet November 27, 2016
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Means: Someone you like that you can’t talk to in person. But you can talk to them easily on social media.
My best friend has media love for her crush.
by apriltkdk November 19, 2017
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