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Pronounced Faye

When your on the edge of being tipsy and totally drunk
Alice: How many drinks you've had so far?
Me: I'm phay right now so I'm at my limit
by Storypoet December 6, 2016
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An updated version for puppy love. When you fall in love with someone's profile, chats and posts but you've never actually met them in person.
Chad: I wish that Julia wouldn't like so many guys pics cause she knows I love her and she loves me too!
Brad: Dude, you've never met her in person! You're too deep in social media love to think clearly.
by Storypoet November 27, 2016
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When you or someone randomly rants about something that's entirely confusing and totally irrelevant
Friend: I'm so against PDA because it upsets baby chickens and adds to the global warming trend that only the aliens believe in.
Me: This Kanye rant is more confusing than the ending of Lost. Eat a Snickers or take a nap!
by Storypoet December 2, 2016
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