Those sexy bitches, who don't take anybody's shit and love Demi Lovato with all of their heart.
1: I hate those stupid Lovatics!! They are sooo stupid and Selena Gomez is a wayyyy better singer than Demi Lovato!!!

2: Bitch, you wanna go?!
by MusicDestinyxx July 22, 2011
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This is what Demi Lovato fans are called.
Girl 1: hi I'm a fan of Demi Lovato.
Girl 2: For real?? then you must be called a "Lovatic"
Girl 1: awesome!!! I am a proud "lovatics" :)
by Hunnybeerocks January 22, 2011
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They are sexy and support demi lovato without fail they can't stop listening to demi lovato because she is a queen to all of her fans and who ever say that they are a lovatic but they don't know who she is
Hey i am fan of demi lovato and i love her music

Hey are you sure we stick together and we stay strong because we are lovatics
by Lovatofanforever 30123 May 10, 2018
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The world's most diehard demi lovato fans. We will go through helll and back for her. we love her no matter what (:
Me and 385927485748397878325798 other people are lovatics <3
by girlwhoisadiehardlovatic May 15, 2011
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An insane individual who uses their love for Demi Lovato and self-harm issues as an excuse to be an asshole.
Wow, I heard that girl hit Demi with an iPad during a mob. She's such a Lovatic.
by lehcarnazay July 16, 2014
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a bunch of retards who stan an irrelevant artist who flops everywhere, her fans always seem to be white, gay and VERY old, she was only famous for being the jonas brothers booty call, also commonly known for her OD and drug addiction and for preaching about feminism then putting other women down
Sarah: who is this old obnoxious ugly man?

Cami: that retard is a lovatic
by queee333eeeen July 18, 2020
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