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A female God that rises above her peers keeping a smile on her face through tough times. Usually stands out of the crowd and knows when someone is in need. Gives encouraging words to thoses at their highest and lowest point. She is outgoing and doesn't have a type of crowd, enjoying different activities and participates in fun ideas. She's creative, smart, loyal, talkative, and active. In conclusion she is unique and rare to society.
Queen Lourdess has given her last piece of bread to the needing.
by Smilesandfacts24 March 14, 2017
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A female god that is the kindest most sweetest person you will ever meet.A Lourdes will be very supportive in every way and put your self after anyone in any situation whatsoever. Quite commonly a Lourdess is joyful, appreciative, generous,

cute and will always look glamorous even her bed head. Her smile will light up any room.
OMG is that a Lourdess she is so amazing.

Teacher: HELP! We have a power cut.
Me: Just call a Lourdess her smile will light up any room (at any time).
by Sssaadaf May 14, 2019
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