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The failed attempt to make a proper landing on the toilet seat otherwise known as the landing zone and the bowels are released short of the rim leaving excrement all over the stool and floor. The Louisiana Tail Drop is experienced during explosive diarrhea brought on by too many Cajun style shrimp, oysters and red beans and rice. The condition appears out of nowhere and is accompanied by gut wrenching and imminent sphinctergeddon. In all cases, the onset occurs when one is the furthest from the nearest rest room facility. Due to the intense pressure, simultaneous ass clenching and efforts to remove one's pants and grunders in time, the distance to the bowl is misjudged and the assplosion occurs short of the rim leaving ass gravy.
During a high profile case, attorney Dick Short of the firm Short, Course and Kirley suffered from an unexpected shart attack brought on by his lunch that day at the Rajun Cajun Restaurant. He made a prompt courtroom exit during a five minute recess to relieve his bowels; however he misjudged the distance to the bowl as he was coming in for release and ended up doing Louisiana Tail Drop. While relieved, the mess and the stench caused the court to evacuate and recess for the remainder of the day.
by A. M. Wood July 16, 2013
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