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Is a shot derived from the Ontario lottery game called lotto 649 because you don't know what kind of shot your getting just like the lottery with every scratch ticket and such you dont know if your going to get a winner or a loser!
Its a Shot with 3 different types of alcohol in it where the bartender randomly chooses the type of alcohol by; Closing his eyes and pointing at a random bottle at the bar "alcohol bottle display" then counts towards right 6 bottles and the bottle he lands at fills the shot glass 1/3 then from that same bottle counts either up or down 4 bottles and fills the shot glass another 1/3 and then from that bottle counts towards the left 9 bottles to complete the shot. ***when counting and the bartender goes the the end of the alcohol display when he has not finished counting he just goes to the start of that same line and continues counting****
Bartender can you please give me a lotto 649 shot
by Mr.Robare April 03, 2009
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