The testicle that is misplaced after a male is kicked in the scrotum severely.
Joe soccer kicks Gabe in the crotch, after writhing in pain Gabe gets up and realizes he can't find one of his testicles and screams, "Where is my lost buddy??!!!"
by jocampb1 June 7, 2010
A friend who may not be your best friend, but is there for you when you get your weekly suicidal and depressive thoughts because you receive no answers to the questions on the TV show, Lost. He or she may be watching it with you or texting, and receiving equally as much aid to prevent violence to them or their loved ones. On the friend chain, they are most important to you than family or your bff during Lost.
1: Can you be my lost buddy tonight? Jordan isn't going to watch it until tomorrow.

2: As a Good Samaritan, of course I will.
by wutownbball40 March 16, 2010