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A rude nickname given usually to men in a suburban area.

This nickname is commonly associated to when a man loses his beard through the act betrayal preformed by a significant other.

A losebeard can also be any form of betrayal as well. This nickname carries over to the emotional realm, and does not strictly itself associate as a physical aspect.

The effects of being a 'losebeard' are immediately followed up by playing depressing music on repeat and over indulging on alcoholic beverages.
A: Hey man, I heard you didn't get invited to that party last night. That sucks, you really missed out.

B(Losebeard): Yeah man, I kinda just sat around and just drank until I was drunk... and then I drank some more.

A: Wow, maybe you should try a little more and maybe you'll get invited for once.
by Agent Jack Swagson January 16, 2015
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