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New name for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA since half their team is out due to injuries. Mike D'Antoni is fully to blame for enforcing a fast-paced offense on aging players and not giving them enough rest time which has weakened their bodies significantly and increased their vulnerability to injury. As a result, they are no longer a complete team, and their team name should not be complete either. Finally, L.A. Kers, still spells out the original team name, which also shows how broken up the former Lakers have become.
L.A. Kers fan: The Lakers have lost 22 out of their 27 last games. I can't believe it.
L.A. Clippers fan: Don't you mean the Los Angeles Kers? Half their team is gone due to injuries. Soon they'll have less than 5 healthy players and will become the first NBA team in history not able to finish the regular season.
L.A. Kers fan: You're right! Why are they called the Lakers anyway if they live in an arid climate?
by Boxcar Bob February 17, 2014
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