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Lorule is a place just like Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda. However, Lorule tends to be the opposite of Hyrule. Its Triforce is upside down (to Hyruleans). Their princess, Hilda, isn't as wise as Hyrule's Zelda, Yuga is nowhere close to as powerful as Ganon, and Ravio is a coward, unlike his counterpart, Link. Lorule also decided to destroy their Triforce to stop people from fighting over it, which resulted in Lorule beginning to crumble.
Loruleans also tend to be more pessimistic and introverted. In Hyrule's Milk Bar, Link is welcomed and asked if he wants any milk, whereas in Lorule's Milk Bar, Link is told to leave the people in there alone.
Loruleans tend to be more skilled in some cases- Hyrule's blacksmith admitted to not being able to craft a finer sword than the Level Two Master Sword, while Lorule's blacksmith was able to upgrade the Master Sword to Level Three.
"Lorule is not a darker Hyrule, but the opposite."
by HermyTheRupee75231 May 29, 2018
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