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A Loop Zoop is when you are either drunk, high, or just lost your wisdom teeth and you want to listen to a band, only to find you typed in something outrageous.
Ex: Led Zeppelin = Loop Zoop
Queen = Queer

This was originally coined by a greentext story where a user lost his wisdom teeth and wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin only to find Loop Zoop in his browser history.
>go to delete browsing history like I usually do
>"loop zoop" searched on youtube ~ 25 times
>thought I was typing in "Led Zeppelin"
by ABeautifulRanger January 06, 2019
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The act of using a pair of Jordan's as a toilet plunger then using the remains as a dinner table. Also to be microwaved/baked in a oven.
"Did you go to Jimmy's Loop Zoop dinner party last night?"
by 420 MLG'er August 02, 2014
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