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A gawker or rubbernecker that stairs at disasters, accidents or people in the process of misfortune. For example there is a car accident on a street and a looky lou (or looky loose) will ride by, slow down and turn thier head to check out the scene. A looky lou will also be one of those people that are always there to see fire fighters or EMTs in action when they are in thier neighborhood.
See all those looky lous checking out those fire fighters fighting that house fire.
by Paul Della Valle August 19, 2004
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This is a racist term that originated in the state of Texas. This term typically defines people of Asian decent "Japs" "Chinks" "Yellow-Backs".
That person is a Looky Lou!

Why are Looky Lou's so smart?

That chink is a Looky Lou!
by Taebryce12 June 22, 2018
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