Long Horse is a long horse. Commonly known to smell exactly like cinnamon.
Long Horse is very long!
by Cornelius Pant October 1, 2019
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A non-hostile fictional creation of Trevor Henderson. It appears in the shape of a horses neck, but the neck extends infinitely with no end in side. The face looks sort of like the skeleton of a horse with very little hair. He smells strongly of cinnamon and makes creaking and cracking noises like bones snapping as it moves its neck. Despite its scary appearance, long-horse is not necessarily friendly, but non-hostile. He wont attack you.
Girl: What is that horrifying creature outside my window

Boy: Don't worry, its just long horse. He wont hurt you.

Girl: Oh, okay.
by VoidEmpress November 17, 2019
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It's a horse's skanky wife with braids in her hair.
"Did they over there, have braids in their hair?
Those girls over there! The ones without a care!
The one girl won't share, but they two are a pair.

And their long horses mare."
by LongHorsesMare June 24, 2009
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Generally, this term is used by those who need to release urine. The symbolism of "long horse" and "short walk" are up to the user's interpretation.
John: You know, though our conversation is enthralling, I admit I must taking the long horse for a short walk. In other words, I must urinate, as you may know from the saying's entry on Urban Dictionary.
Jane: Ok.
by Long Horse Short Walk October 3, 2021
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them weird orange spotted things that eat leaves and look like horses but with a long neck
`hey ethan what sare those long-necked horses over there`
`john thats a fucking girraffe`
by theredrichard December 30, 2020
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