A dangerous and intelligent human who tends to stand by themselves... whether by preference or to keep a low profile... always underestimated
by MikeDee322 March 23, 2011
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A person standing by themselves, or in their car individually, who is wearing a mask to avoid the Rona.
by Foctor16 April 9, 2021
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A person who stands alone. He is constantly underestimated but comes out on top in every situation. He has superior intellect and skill. He is an expert in hand to hand combat and is a master swordsman and marksman. He performs at his best in tight situations. He also has a side-kick named Tanto a.k.a. Dante. To strangers and enemies, he is known as Lone Ranger. To Indians he is known as Kimo Sabe. But to his friends, he is known as Kevin.
Oh shit boy, you just got Lone Ranger'd!
by LoneRanges April 30, 2011
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A lone person walking in an area that is typically devoid of pedestrian traffic. Lone rangers are typically individuals seen walking in suburbia, on highways, or in abandoned urban areas.
Hey, check out this guy walking on the side of the highway. We got a lone ranger over here.
by goon central May 19, 2010
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Alias JOHN REID. A former Texas Ranger falsely convicted of a crime he didn't commit, now roams the Wild West righting wrongs (for FREE) and leaving a Silver Bullet as a souvenir for those whom he has helped. He is aided by his trusty friend Tonto (a native American). The Lone Ranger's horse is a pure white stallion named "Silver". And Tonto has a patchy looking horse named "Scout".

John Reid in a GrandUncle of Brit Reid, The Green Hornet.
"Okay, uh, I'm new at this, but, uh, I'm The Lone Ranger, I enjoy listening to Bob Seger, and, for some reason, werewolves never bother me. I'm kind of shy and cautious. I admit I am wearing a mask right now, but, if things start looking like they might get serious, I guess I could take it off."

"I hope you don't mind Tonto, or the horses, they are ALWAYS with me. I hope that won't be a problem. Do you like 3in1? Tonto and Silver and I use that a lot. Just ask Scout! Just kidding, I mean, it's not like he's Mr. Ed or something! "Mr. ED", is that term politically incorrect now? Sorry if it is. Well, I hope you write back soon. And PLEASE feed the pigeon, okay?

by Master Mason July 30, 2006
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He's coming up to the car. What are we gonna do?

He's just a Lone Ranger; I'll WAIST him!

What seems to be the problem here guys?

Hi, we're from the Uniform Belt Company. If you have a few spare moments, I'd like to show you some of our fine quality belts in our Law Enforcement line...
by Pork Chopper January 26, 2007
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A man who is involuntarily celibate. He has no girlfriend (or boyfriend), and knows he can't get one, so he just jerks off to porn all the time.
Worker #1: Hey, let's ask Peter Beater to come to the bar with us tonight.

Worker #2: Nah. He goes to the strip joint every Friday 'cause he's a Lone Ranger.
by Marty Robbins May 20, 2006
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