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The Lollipop Drop.Is just like getting a Blumpkin. ..For those average size guys.Who are into banging midgets...If you enjoy a good ole Blumpkin on the shitter...Well then go out and get you a midget!!!!! Then go home.Get on that shitter.Tell that sexy ass little midget.That you want a good ole Lollipop Drop.. :) For the ones who don't know what a Blumpkin is? Your missing out buddy. ..It's when you get a blow job on that ole porcelain God.Whenever your taking a shit!!!!!
Mike I did what you told me Vanessa does for you all the time at the house... I got Vivian to give me some head on the shitter....She new exactly what I meant... She said they call it a Lollipop Drop ..In the little pepole world
by N8te Da Great69 April 21, 2018
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