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She is a very ugly person, she’s very black and bald headed. But is kind smart. Nobody likes her. Smell like fish🐟🤮. Wear the same clothes sometimes and the same shoes all the time.

Guy:ew she stink, do she take baths
You:oh yea she do but that is a Lolia

Guy:I’m not being that fishy girl friend sorry
You:it’s ok I don’t like her I just act like it
Do you know what a fish shop smell like ,we’ll go smell Lolia and you will find out.
by Tamayla November 29, 2018
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New element created by geek of #doom3 on efnet ;)
Hey watch yourself dumb idiot with that lolium, we are all gonna explode ! - Albert Einstein
by SiB July 27, 2004
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