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Popular RuneScape PKer, known from Team Ghetto, SwiftIRC, World 44 on RuneScape and friends with Hansenmol, P 0 N G O and H e r o x v2
Lol Spec Lol: See that kid over there in full Dharok's? P 0 N G O: Ye. Lol Spec Lol: Not anymore. (Dharoker dies, 34, 38 DDS Spec.)
by Lol Spec Lol October 25, 2008
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One badass dude, makes YouTube videos, PKs, has sex with your mother and drinks coke, your hero.
Lol Spec Lol If I wanted to look like some huge nerd I'd go for rank 1, but I'd rather not tbh, then I'd get bored and look like I have no life, tbh look at Zezima, he finally realized that being ranked 1 was fucking retarded and quit, got a girlfriend, got her pregnant, he's getting married, maybe if Gertjaars got off the computer he'd get a real gf insted of an e-gf that was gonna dump him from the beginning
by GaryBH July 05, 2009
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