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These Lockhart St. Lounger's are people with whom hang out with no intention towards being at any point in the day beginning with waking up to sleep, worthwhile. Most time is spent laying on couch's, scratching genitals, talking shit on one another, or having job's that don't consist of actually going to work anywhere. A lot of burrito misplacement complaints have come from this place, and as well many different drunken mishap's including not picking phone's up with any intention of making sense to the person on the other line. Mostly these inhabitant's are generally pigheaded fools with big ego's. Stay away from keg parties that include pitching in money because it won't be returned to you. Also the dog has calmed down so that's a plus, maybe the only...
Lockhart St. Lounger's are a rare breed
by housa December 05, 2007
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