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Llama juice has two main meanings.
1. An replacement word, it can be used in place of words like “fuck, fak yea, shit, and ass”. Can also be used as random word to disturb the people around you and is fun to say.
2. Also used in the instance of oral sex being given gathering the juices in ones mouth and spiting them back on the donor. This nasty ass act ranks right up with golden showers and other dirty fetishes!
Just say it with me “Llama Juice” see is funny. I don’t like the 2nd term so no excerpt provided by me for that!
by Kc_canine February 25, 2009
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Pussy because he didn't write "harambe died for ur marriage" on the book at his cousins marriage.
by ilovegoatsman September 16, 2016
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1.juice made out of llama body parts

2.dick/ding a ling😄
1.ooh I love this llama juice
2.put ur llama inside of me
by Llama power June 11, 2016
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