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Chimp slap is the worst form of slapping. Where as most slaps hurt your cred as a person not property, the chimp slap is the truly physical slap. Usually accompanied by broken noses, dislocated/wired jaws, black eyes, and worst case scenarios blindness or facelifts. Also known as a “Yeti Slap” due to in know way can a sasquatch lightly pimp slap your face.
"Damn that bish just got Chimp Slaped!"

by Kc_canine February 24, 2009

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Llama juice has two main meanings.
1. An replacement word, it can be used in place of words like “fuck, fak yea, shit, and ass”. Can also be used as random word to disturb the people around you and is fun to say.
2. Also used in the instance of oral sex being given gathering the juices in ones mouth and spiting them back on the donor. This nasty ass act ranks right up with golden showers and other dirty fetishes!
Just say it with me “Llama Juice” see is funny. I don’t like the 2nd term so no excerpt provided by me for that!
by Kc_canine February 25, 2009

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Yeti Slap is largely similar to a “Chimp Slap” in the fact these are the most brutal of slaps. The kind of slap that has you doing a spin on your way to the ground. Or that you have lost a piece of your face. Teeth, noses, eyes, mouth are all possible loses from a Yeti Slap. You might even get whip lash from the violent blow.
"Did you see dude's face? Looks like he was mauled by a bear."
"Yea he got mouthy and someone put it on em, Yeti Slaped his ass!"
by Kc_canine February 24, 2009

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