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Onomatopoetic spelling of Leave-it
Can be Male or Female

1: A hoe that doesn't admit being a hoe.
Tends to post on social media phrases like:
"I lost my blanket who will keep me warm?"
"I need cuddles"
"Someone love me"
"I'm hungry someone bring me food"
What they mean is "Fuck me hard and then Fuck off" = Fuck it and leave it = Liyvht

2. Someone only attracted to selfish lover or selfish fucker partners so as to always claim to be unsatisfied in relationships and blame everyone else for their issues.
"Bro, don't stay with her too long she's a Liyvht kinda hoe"
"I need to lower my self esteem so Im going to be a Liyvht this whole month"
IG post: "If only I weren't so lonely tonight..." Reply: "lol livin' the liynht life."
by EZroar May 30, 2018
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