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Another stretch done by the Hatleys. Done by first stretching your hands into the air. Then bending forward almost to your feet. Its often done by Ben Hatley after he's been sitting for too long. It is also done by his wife, Liv. Guaranteed to relax a creaky back. Its one of the exercises collectively known as 'Hatley Stretches'.
Liv: Oh no, my back's all creaky. I gotta do a Liv Lean.

Ben: You poor thing! I know what you need. My back gets creaky sometimes, too. Only I do a Hatley Hula to stretch mine.

Liv: Yeah, but the Liv Lean is much easier. All you do is throw your hands up in the air and then lean forward. You know, like you were going to touch your toes, but you just dangle your hands in front. It gives you a good, long stretch in your back. (Liv demonstrates to Ben how the stretch is done).

Ben: Wow! This really works. Its a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h! (groans in relief) Good one, Liv! My back feels great now.

Liv: (starts laughing at him) I told you so! Its one of the best back stretches. This is great! Whenever your back is sore, a Liv Lean can perk it right up.

Opal: Did I hear you right? Is that one of your stretches you do? My back's a little creaky. Can you show me?

Ben: Sure, you stretch your hands over your head and then lean down almost to the ground. It really stretches the back.

Opal: Sweet! I'm gonna have to show this to Ed. He'll love it.
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 27, 2011
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