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A game where you play create and share. A game where you show people your greatest creation to the world. You'll go online with 3 of your friends in the PSN and enjoy. You will create contraptions and levels and publish them. There are new tools, objects, decorations and stickers for you to collect.
There will be a new tool called the microchip where you can put it on a machine, add controllers and it'll move around. LBP2 is a platform for games.
Hi everyone! Im playing LittleBigPlanet 2. Its so fucking awesome!
by jaromir08 September 13, 2010
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Sequel to the most awesome game on the PS3, LittteBigPlanet 2 is only better than the first.

The game was first shown when Media Molecule released a trailer in the early May 2010. The game should be released November same year.

New features in the game includes a Direct Control Seat, cutscene cameras, a whole lot of logic tools, and a bunch of powerups including the grappling hook.
littlebigplanet 2 - that's why you should get a PS3
by DGBadger June 26, 2010
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