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A person that any word that's too big for them or too complicated for them (or whatever other reason) pronounces wrong or thinks the meaning of that word is something completely differant or not fully correct. Some People become Literary dumbasses because the word has to do with something related to someone they don't like or like to mess with.(Refer to example 2)
It means the same thing as
1.Hey what kinda holiday is Hannukoh?!-(My stupid Uncle said it once)
2.Guy1:Hey what yah readin'?
Guy2:a manga
Guy1:Why would they name a kind of book after a fruit? (mango)
Guy2:HEEEEEY! Literary Dumbass!
Guy:Just kiddin'........sheesh.
3. You are merely a Liter
by BerserkWolf October 16, 2005
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