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The group of freshmen girls at Lisle Senior High School that think life is really like One tree hill, Laguna beach, mean girls or any other fake ass drama filled movie. They can be spotted in the freashmen hall way acting as if untouchable. The plastics consist of Kelly, Skyler, Amy, Kayla, Jessica and more. They can be found starting shit for no aparent reason what so ever. They also love to talk shit about eachother behind eachothers backs then be totally two faced to eachother and pretend everything is ok. They are total bitch's and make all the guys in there grade want to fucking kill themselves. Be aware that if u happen to come in contact with the Plastic freashmen of Lisle you are fucking screwed
God the Lisle Freshmen girls 2013 are total twat swatters. they wake up every morning, look at there agendas, and it is filled with constant nagging, bitching, whinning, and horrifying drama.
by I Cant take it November 07, 2009
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