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Lisi Harrison is the author of "The Clique" & " Alphas".
She was born July 25, 1975 in Toronto ,Canada. She began working at MTV in New York City, creating and developing shows such as "Room Raiders" and "One Bad Trip."

She says that MTV was what inspired her to write the The Clique.

The series is mainly about 5 bestfriends:

- Massie Block, the alpha of Octavian Country Day and ultra stylish, chic, insecure diva.

- Claire Lyons, Girl from florida who got off on the groups bad foot but ultimately becomes the best friend to Massie Block.

- Alicia Rivera, Spanish beauty who is doesn't feel comfortable about the size of her chest ,but is an excellent dancer and is tired of being under Massie's Shadow.

- Dylan Marvil, Daughter of the Famous Merri Lee Marvil host of , The Daily Grind, a morning talk show. Is always on a diet trying to loose non-existent weight.

- Kristen Gregory, The smart/sporty friend in the group. She is on scholarship and isn't rich like everyone else. But she makes up for it on the soccer field as the captian of the OCD Sirens.

She also wrote the Alphas a spin off the Clique series. It includes Skye Hamilton, alpha of the DSL Daters, as a main character.

Lisi Harrison is a great author and perfect for mother/ daughter reads, as suggested by Oprah. The Series is mostly for people age 11-15.
Girl: " wow...Lisi Harrison is a genius. I can totally relate to everyone in this book..."
Boy: " I thought you girls liked that 'Sunshine' stuff.
Girl: " You mean 'Twilight'?"
Boy: " Sure."
Girl: "....i prefer Sparkly Shoes to Sparkly Vampires."
by TheLateNightLaughter2 December 12, 2009
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